Fusion 360 - 3D Cloud CAD/CAM system

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Why Fusion 360
Why Fusion 360
Fusion 360 is a CAD / CAM / CAE product from Autodesk.
It is the first cloud software of its kind in the world and connects the entire production process into one complete solution.

Provides full associativity between design and machining operations.
Machined geometry and parameters can be defined by directly selecting entities from the model.
Changes to the model are automatically reflected in the toolpaths, saving you valuable time.
Last-minute design changes will no longer result in delivery delays or errors.
60% Reduce your time to market by 60% with one CAD / CAM solution

50% Cut costs in half by reducing cycle times and unnecessary man hours.

200% Create toolpaths twice as quickly and start machining faster
Fusion 360 benefits
  • - Immediate associativity with CAD model

  • - Transtalors of all major formats, including CATIA

  • - Fewer files to manage

  • - Quality CAD and CAM tools

  • - Lower training costs

  • - High machining flexibility

  • - Combining multiple path algorithms into one operation
    Fusion 360 - 3D Cloud CAD/CAM system